FIR Digital Filter Designer

1.Order: The order of the filter
            1< Order < 20
2.Low Cut: The low cut off frequency of the band pass filter.
            0< Low Cut < High Cut
3.High Cut: The high cut off frequency of the band pass filter.
            Low Cut< High Cut < 0.5
4.FIR filter type: The type of the FIR filter
            Fir filter type= 1 or 2 or 3 or 4
            1: Symmetrical response, Odd length
            2: Symmetrical response, Even length
            3: Anti-symmetrical response, Odd length
            4: Anti-symmetrical response, Even length
5.FIR length: The coefficient length of the FIR filter
             4<FIR length<50
Press "Compute" to design the FIR filter. The coefficient of the FIR filter is showed in the EDIT box.

Below is the digital filter algorithm of the FIR filter.

Here x(k) is raw signal, y(k) is filtered signal, b(n) is tht coefficients of the FIR filter.