FoxNet -- Easy WWW Way of FoxPro
.He Lingsong
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
School of Mechanical Engineering
Wuhan, China, 430074


FoxNet is an embedded www server that is designed for web programming of Visual FoxPro. The idea is come from embedded Internet devices, such as web camera and web phone. Where a mini www server, usually 100KB, is designed to link devices to web directly. No CGI or third script language are need, the www server is apart of application programs. Programmers can use languages that they control the devices, such as C or Assemble, to design web application programs directly. If we see the database as a device and FoxPro as a device control language, we can also use FoxPro to design web application programs directly. For two days hard working, I update my old FoxNet from CGI to the embedded technique. The advantage is that the www server is apart of FoxPro and FoxPro programs do not depend on an outer www server and CGI program to receive and send data to web browser, all these can be done in the inner of FoxPro. Both compatibility and speed of FoxNet are improved greatly.

Features in version 3.0
FoxNet 3.0 includes  the following features:
1.Embedded www server APIs
Start and stop the embedded www server from FoxPro. The www server is integrated as a inner server of FoxPro. Data can be exchanged between FoxPro programs and the www server directly. Do not need to start a CGI program to exchange data each time, like most FoxPro web tools do.
A group of FoxPro HTML programming APIs. You can design a dynamic homepage easily and quickly.